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With the arrival of fall comes the arrival of airbrush tanning season. If you want to maintain that summer tan, look into a local airbrush tanning salon or service. A lot of salons offer the service, and some are specially designed specifically for airbrush tanning.

Airbrush tanning is much safer than sun tanning or sunbed tanning because it does not rely on UV rays to tan the skin. Instead, a light coat of sunless tanning solution is applied using an airbrush. The airbrush tanning technician will give you some guidelines to follow to make sure the tan stays on as long as possible.

A lot of people choose airbrush tanning even in the summer because it’s much safer than tanning in the sun or in an artificial tanning bed. Now that the fall is here and the winter will be here in a few months, it’s a perfect opportunity to give airbrush tanning a try.

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