PointZero Cake Airbrush Decorating Kit – 3 Airbrushes, Stand, Compressor, and 12 Chefmaster Colors

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  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE: Kit features the PZ-270, PZ-230XS, and PZ-276 airbrushes for cakes. A premium-quality set ideally suited for creating a variety of spray patterns, from fine detail to wider coverage. Kit also comes with an Elite-125X compressor that delivers excellent power (1/5 HP) with very little noise (55 dB).
  • ADVANCED CONTROL: Featuring three airbrushes with both single and dual-action functionality, this set is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. Single-action, external mix design is easy to use, a single press of the trigger of releases both air and paint, and is less prone to clogging. The dual-action, internal-mix design controls both air and fluid, ideal for precise, sharp details.
  • 4-BRUSH STAND: Includes a heavy-duty tabletop airbrush stand with swivel base that holds up to four airbrushes. Provides a stable, level, and secure spot to hold airbrushes when not in use, eliminating spills for complete control when working with multiple airbrushes.
  • INCLUDES 12 PREMIUM CHEFMASTER PAINTS: Airbrush Cake Kit includes 12 bottles (2 ounces each) of highly concentrated, spray-on food-coloring paints from Chefmaster. These non-toxic, deeply pigmented paints provide superior coverage, even on hard-to-color, non-dairy whipped toppings and icings. Colors include Midnight Black, White, Royal Blue, Hawaiian Blue, Harvest Brown, Canary Yellow, Spring Green, Sunset Orange, Super Red, Violet, Blushing Pink, and Fleshtone.
  • 7 BONUS AIRBRUSH GUIDES: As a bonus, includes access to 7 exclusive e-Book airbrushing guides: Top 8 Cake Airbrushing Tips, Guide to Airbrush Cake Decorating, Developing Basic Artistic Skills, 10 Essential Airbrushing Tips, Airbrushing Strokes and Techniques, Airbrush Cleaning Manual, and the Airbrush Lettering Guide.

The PointZero deluxe airbrush cake decorating kit comes complete with all the equipment and supplies required to create gorgeous, professional-looking cakes. Kit is ideal for all levels, from novice to professional users.

The single-action PZ-276 airbrush features a pre-installed 0.8mm nozzle ideal for creating broader, larger-scale spray patterns between 1/4″ and 2″. External-mix design less likely to clog.

The single-action PZ-230XS airbrush features a comfortable, trigger-style design which creates round pattern spray with excellent atomization. This internal-mix airbrush is ideal for use when a constant stream of paint at a consistent flow is required. PZ-230XS features detachable, gravity-feed, 20cc plastic color cup with vented, anti-spill cover and includes two sets of interchangeable nozzles (tips), nozzle caps and needles (0.3mm and 0.5mm) for spray patterns varying from thin-line to 1-3/4″.

The dual-action PZ-270 airbrush includes a pre-installed 0.2mm nozzle (tip) cap for creating spray patterns varying from hairline to 1″, for razor-sharp detail with a tight-tolerance head. Comes with a gravity-feed 2cc color cup.

The Elite-125X is a lightweight and compact (8 lbs.) oil-less airbrush compressor that delivers excellent power (1/5 HP) with approximate air delivery of 1.0 CFM. Sensitive, diaphragm regulator with integrated pressure gauge and water-trap allows precise control and delivery of clean, dry air on-demand. Includes easy-carry handle.

Boxed set for easy setup includes an Elite-125X air compressor, PZ-270, PZ-230XS, and PZ-276 airbrushes, a set of 5 cleaning brushes, two 22cc glass bottles, 3 braided air hoses, 3-way splitter, paint pipettes, barbed hose connectors, nozzle wrenches and instructions.

Well-known within the airbrush industry, PointZero Airbrush is your trusted source for professional-grade products that provide lasting quality and exceptional value.