PointZero Precision Trigger Style Gravity-feed Airbrush Set w/ MAC Valve

B004KNFOKE, 609728824457



  • Premium single-action internal-mix airbrush with pre-installed 0.3mm nozzle (tip) and needle cap
  • Fine-finish, stainless-steel needles minimize tip-dry
  • Solvent-resistant needle packing allows safe use with all types of spraying mediums
  • Self-centering nozzle and long-taper, dual-angle needle helps this airbrush to maintain detail even when spraying highly viscous mediums
  • Needle backstop at the rear of the airbrush allows you to pre-set the trigger travel for consistent line widths
  • Trigger-style design provides comfortable, pistol-grip feel
  • Micro Air Control (MAC) valve located just below the color cup provides convenient, on-the-fly, micro-adjustment of air pressure
  • Includes three sets of interchangeable nozzles (tips), nozzle caps and needles (0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.8mm) for spray patterns varying from thin-line to 2″
  • Premium, four-piece head provides excellent atomization with a round spray pattern
  • Multi-piece tail allows for quick access to the needle chuck
  • Includes set of three detachable, gravity-feed, metal color cups; 13cc and 5cc, each with vented, anti-spill covers, and a low-profile 2cc cup
  • Package includes a metal propellant-can regulator with an M5 fitting and an adapter to convert the airbrush from 1/8″ BSP to M5
  • Also includes an adapter for use with 1/4″ air sources (1/4 BSP female to 1/8″ BSP male)
  • Requires an air supply with a working pressure of 15 to 50 psi

What’s Included

  • 1 premium airbrush with pre-installed 0.3mm tip
  • 1 additional 0.5mm nozzle (tip) and needle
  • 1 additional 0.8mm nozzle (tip) and needle
  • 3 detachable, gravity-feed cups in sizes 13cc, 5cc and 2cc
  • 1 set storage case
  • 1 six foot long braided air hose with 1/8″ BSP fittings
  • 1 adapter for 1/4″ air sources
  • 1 M5 propellant can regulator
  • 1 airbrush M5 fitting adapter